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Pixel your Page - now!
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Get pixels

On Million Pixel Script PRO - Demo you can place a link to your website and get more clicks and visitors for it!


Place your link within the best viewable zone of Million Pixel Script PRO - Demo!

  • Each box of 20x20 pixels ( ) costs only 100.00 USD (plus 16.0 % VAT)!
  • You can buy as many blocks as you wish!
  • The most clicked Webpages were listed in the top ranking and will get more clicks additional that way!
  • Your pixels will be visible for at least days!

Free zone

Place your link within the Free Zone of Million Pixel Script PRO - Demo!

  • You can choose up to 6 blocks for free.
  • You can not change the image or the url.
  • Your pixels will be deleted after 7 days.